When I was 10 months old, my mother sat with me on a very early morning in Brooklyn, New York, and she made me "watch" the royal wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, quietly whispering to me, "one day you will marry a prince." She always says it was the very first time I saw England. A year later, she once again took me out of my crib in the middle of the night and sat me in her lap to watch the birth announcement of Prince William, telling me, "that is Prince William, and when he grows up he's going to be A KING. Mommy is gonna take you to England some day to meet him, and you will fall madly in love like a fairytale and live happily ever after in the castle." 

Apparently, I didn't move or make a peep while we watched. Maybe my soon to be 2 year old self already somehow knew where my passions would lie later on.

Fast forward 35 years.

While I never did marry a prince, my husband is actually British, so in my eyes, he might as well be. Let's be honest, you hear that accent and immediately think royalty (or Harry Potter) anyway. So let's all agree that he's a magical royal, yes? ;) But due to my mother introducing me to fairytales at an age where I wouldn't even remember it... oddly enough... the rest of my life played out in the same fashion. I fell in love with the idea of royalty. I fell in love with princesses, queens, England, castles, fairytales... magic.

Combine that with my love of makeup and my husband's love of a good English pub, and Lash & Crown was born. Not only did he come up with the name of our brand, but he also came up with the logo. See? I told you he was magical. ;)

Have you seen the show, Once Upon a Time? When I thought of the idea behind Lash & Crown, I always kept coming back to Regina, The Evil Queen. In reality, you can almost say her character was my muse. Fairytales are beautiful, but so is life, and I've never been all about roses and cupcakes. I'm about passion and confidence... poise and boldness... beauty, with a touch of beast. I wanted this brand to come alive the minute you held the box in your hand. I wanted every woman to open it and in that moment, feel like an innocent little girl who believed in happily ever afters again. I want every woman who wears my lashes to feel transformed, not just physically, but mentally.

We don't get locked in castles. We build them. With or without lashes, you are a Queen. Now, adjust your crown, own it, and go conquer the world, darling!

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